Human Resources Manager


General Job Statement:

The Human Resources Manager will take ownership of all HR matters across Boerboom Ag Resources and Boerboom Transport and ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations. The HR Manager is a key position on the Boerboom Ag management team and will therefore be responsible for creating and working toward the strategic goals of the company as they relate to HR and safety. The HR Manager should improve HR processes, implement strategies that support business growth and promote the organization’s values, improve employee morale, and enhance safety and wellness within the company.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  Employee Recruitment

  • Develop short- and long-term workforce plans that support the strategic goals of the company

  • Work with management to identify staffing needs and create job descriptions

  • Advertise and recruit for open positions and work with managers through the hiring process

  • Utilize all recruitment channels, seek out new recruitment opportunities, and attend career fairs

  • Work with recruiters to hire workers through the TN and other Visa programs


   Talent Management and Employee Relations

  • Develop clear HR policies and ensure policy awareness among employees

  • Promote and contribute to a positive work culture, endorse company policies and core values, and meet with employees to address concerns

  • Develop and maintain a smooth onboarding process

  • Oversee annual performance and wage reviews

  • Work with management to resolve employee conflicts through positive and professional mediation

  • Handle workplace investigations, disciplinary actions, and termination procedures

  • Periodically review the benefits and compensation packages with the executive team and communicate any updates made to employees


   Regulatory Compliance

  • Keep employee files up do date and maintain employee and workplace privacy

  • Stay up to date on knowledge of and ensure compliance with all applicable employment laws and regulations

  • Review and update the employee handbook as needed

  • Ensure that CDL drivers maintain compliance with all DOT requirements



  • Create, implement, and monitor a company-wide safety training program

  • Oversee injury reporting and prepare injury rate reports

  • Work with managers and outside sources to ensure a safe workplace

  • Review and update safety policies as needed and ensure compliance with State, Federal, and OSHA rules and regulations


Continuing Education:

  • Develop short and long term personal and professional goals

  • Attend further education seminars and leadership meetings

  • Become involved in pork and ag industry HR peer groups


Job Requirements:

  • Organizational, leadership, and communication skills necessary

  • Must be self-starting, detail orientated, and possess strategic thinking abilities

  • Must have the ability to build and maintain positive professional relationships

  • Bachelor’s Degree and 2-4 years relevant experience

  • Working knowledge of US employment laws and regulations

  • Knowledge of the ag industry, and DOT/CDL regulations preferred

  • SHRM or PHR certification preferred

  • Spanish language skills beneficial


For additional information or to apply, please contact Laurie Boerboom.


Sow Farm Gestation Lead


General Job Statement:

The Gestation Lead will lead the breeding and gestation team in all aspects of open and bred gilt and sow production under the direction of the Sow Farm Manager. Daily structured duties and employee development and supervision are expected. The Farrowing and Gestation Leads act as assistant managers on the farm and, in the absence of the Sow Farm Manager, will be responsible for managing and directing daily operations. This position involves working in an agricultural environment which includes hands-on interaction with people and livestock.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    Gestation Lead

  • Lead the breeding/gestation team to ensure all daily responsibilities and tasks are performed

  • Oversee gilt development including timely vaccinations, boar exposure, and ESF training

  • Oversee and train team members on all aspects of gilt and sow well-being including daily care, proper treatments, body condition scoring, and general pig observation

  • Coordinate animal flow under the direction of the Sow Farm Manager and understand its effect on both the sow unit and downstream grow/finish production flows

  • Monitor breeding/gestation team member performance and provide training and constructive feedback

  • Ensure the health and welfare of all animals including managing barn environment, nutrition, and medication

  • Oversee semen inventory, handling, and storage to maintain top quality

  • Adhere to all Boerboom Ag Resources standard operating procedures and ensure that all farm personnel do the same

  • Maintain and enforce all biosecurity rules and practices

  • Ensure all employees, barn operators, and truckers handle hogs in appropriate manner as outlined in the National Pork Board TQA and PQA programs


  • Execute principles and standards outlined by the PQA Plus program

  • Communicate daily with the Sow Farm Manager on production, animal health and employee issues

  • Oversee the daily recording of production data and ensure its accuracy

  • Attend and participate in on-farm production meetings and work toward the goals set by the team

  • Attend and participate in Boerboom Ag scheduled production and planning meetings

    Special Job Requirements

  • Assist in special projects as requested by management

  • Respect and humane care for all animals is required


Work Schedule:

Monday through Friday from 5:45 am – 3:30 pm with rotating weekends and holidays. The schedule may vary day-to-day depending on the needs of the animals and staff.


 Continuing Education:

  • Attend swine related educational seminars and trade shows

  • Continuously work on personal development and leadership skills

  • Develop short and long term personal and professional goals


Required Skills/Experience:

  • Two years direct breeding and gestation experience required

  • Experience in an open pen, electronic sow feeding system is preferred

  • Organizational, leadership, problem solving, and communication skills are necessary

  • Must be dedicated, goal-oriented, and motivated in order to effectively lead a team

  • Basic computer and data entry skills required

  • Must have the ability to stand/walk for extended periods and lift 40 pounds

  • Spanish language skills beneficial

Please use the "Contact Us" tab for more information or to apply.