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About Boerboom Ag Resources

Boerboom Ag Resources is a third-generation progressive, family farm focusing on raising quality and nutritious pork. Boerboom Ag is owned and operated by Greg and Paula Boerboom and their children Laurie, Mike, and Matt.

The Boerboom farm originated in 1936 when John C and Thresa Boerboom purchased the home farm in Stanley Township, Lyon County, MN. John and Thresa had a diversified farm typical of the era and they raised corn, oats, alfalfa, flax, dairy cows for milk, beef cattle, laying hens, sheep, and pigs. They also raised their seven children including Greg on the home farm.

In 1981 John and Thresa retired from farming and Greg and Paula moved into the original farmhouse and took over farm operations. Greg and Paula continued raising cattle, pigs, corn, and soybeans but Greg has always been most passionate about raising pigs. In 1992, Greg and Paula  built the Home Sow Farm which has paved the way for Boerboom Ag to become the farm it is today. Between 2008 and 2013, the third generation, Mike, Matt, and Laurie, returned to the farm. 

Today, Boerboom Ag’s operations revolve around raising pigs from farrowing to market. In 2012, Boerboom Ag built a feed mill which has allowed them to buy corn directly from local farmers. In 2017, Boerboom Ag added the Redwood Sow Farm. Boerboom Ag has always prided itself in being progressive and innovative and in 2018 a research partnership was formed with a local swine nutritionist. The How Sow Farm was expanded and modernized in 2021. Boerboom Ag employs about 50 people and works with about 55 area farmers to contract grow pigs.

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