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Market Pig Life Cycle

With Boerboom Ag Resources


114 Days

(3 months, 3 weeks & 3 days)

Gilts are female pigs that are bred at 170 to 220 days once they've hit maturity. Gestation for gilts and sows is about 114 days, once they've had their first litter of pigs they become referred to as sows.

Boerboom Ag resources includes gilts in our Home Sow Farm and our Redwood Sow Farm.


21 days or 3 weeks

Farrowing is when a sow or gilt give birth, when they are close to getting ready to farrow these pigs are moved to a farrowing barn. Usually a female pig will have 12 to 13 pigs per litter. 

Boerboom Ag Resources gestation barn and farrowing barn are both within the locations, Home and Redwood.

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